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Home Equity & Other Personal Loans

We've Got Options For You

At Tompkins VIST Bank, we are committed to you, our valued clients. This means that right now, in light of the current public health crisis we are facing, we are committed to both your financial and your physical health. 

We are currently accepting consumer loan applications* via telephone for new and existing customers. 

Please contact your local branch to learn more.

*Mortgages and commercial loans are excluded. 

Home Equity Loan*

Put your home's equity to work for you with Tompkins VIST Bank's home equity loan or line of credit.  We offer an easy application process, quick decisions and no closing costs.*

  • The best choice if you have a one-time need for funding, such as buying a car, consolidating debt, or paying for a wedding.
  • Features a fixed rate and payment that never changes.

Home Equity Line of Credit*

  • The best choice if you have an on-going need for funding, such as home improvements, educational expenses, or starting a small business.
  • Variable rate line of credit you may use whenever you need it, up to your credit limit.
  • Flexible payment options.


It's a line of credit with super powers!

Our Equilock Line of Credit gives you the benefits of a line of credit -plus the flexibility to use it like a fixed-rate loan.

Do you need a line of credit? Or do you need that - plus something more? 

  • Lock in if rates rise. Unlock if rates fall. 
  • Unlike other home equity products that make you choose between a fixed-rate home equity loan or a variable rate line of credit, Equilock allows you to enjoy the flexibility of a traditional line of credit with the peace of mind of having the ability to convert all or a portion of your line into a fixed-rate, fixed-term home equity loan.
  • When and how much of your available line of credit you lock in is your choice.
  • Enjoy the convenience of auto payment from one of our checking accounts.

Personal Loans

Loans to finance home improvements, new and used automobiles, boats and recreational vehicles.

Once approved you can use your personal loan to finance any of the following and more:  

  • Home improvements*
  • New and used automobiles*
  • New and used boats and recreational vehicles*

Here are a few reasons you should apply with us:

  • Easy application process.
  • Fixed payment amounts that allow for easy budgeting.
  • You may choose to have automatic payments deducted from your Tompkins VIST Bank checking or savings account so you never have to miss a payment.

Overdraft Protection*

A personal line of credit tied to your Tompkins VIST Bank checking account that protects you against accidental overdrafts. It offers you convenience, flexibility and security.

Here's how it works:

  • Any overdrafts you may incur will automatically be covered up to your available line of credit.
  • The minimum payment will be automatically deducted from your checking account on the date it is due.
  • You pay back only the amount of the line that you use.
  • You must have a Tompkins VIST Bank checking account.
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You have personal lending needs. At Tompkins VIST Bank, we have experts that can help. Find the answers you're looking for by getting in touch with a Tompkins VIST Bank representative today. 


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