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How We Protect You

The following security features implemented at Tompkins VIST Bank provide another layer of protection against criminals targeting ACH, wire transfers, and online banking:

Cybersecurity & Fraud Education

Tompkins Trust Company has partnered with Stickley on Security to offer informative Cybersecurity articles and videos as well as the ability to sign up for weekly Cybersecurity newsletters.

Find out more about current threats and potential risks here:


The LookingGlass Protected Seal is a trust mark displayed on the Web sites of organizations that utilize LookingGlass Anti-Phishing™ to provide early detection and immediate take down of malicious phishing sites. The seal indicates to consumers and site visitors that the organization is serious about proactively protecting its customers from online fraud and identity theft.

For criminals, phishing has become one of the most common and effective online scams. The schemes are varied, typically involving some combination of spoofed junk (spam) email, malicious software (malware), and fake Web pages to harvest personal information from consumers.

To address the phishing threat, leading organizations are using an intelligence-led approach to security – one that provides early warning of phishing attacks and other risks to protect their customers from online fraud. LookingGlass Anti-Phishing enables organizations to quickly identify, shut down and recover from online scams that mislead customers through fraudulent use of their corporate identity.

The protection of your bank information is our highest priority at Tompkins VIST Bank.  In today's environment of increased fraud and data breaches at major retailers, we are continually reviewing procedures to assure the security of your finances.  Here are some things to keep in mind when using your debit card:

    1. It is always best to do a signature based transaction with your Tompkins VIST Bank debit card.  However, if your card is declined but you know you have the funds available, please try your transaction again as a debit transaction and use your PIN (Personal Identification Number.)
    2. Planning to travel? If you are going away on vacation or business, please notify us.  This will avoid a service interruption that may be generated by our fraud protection service. 

For any issues with your debit card, please contact Card Services at 877-282-0444.

If you believe you have responded to a fraudulent email or website, please send a copy of the email and/or a link to the suspicious site to

For more information on Internet/e-mail scams and identity theft issues, visit the Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationFederal Trade Commission, the National Consumers League, or the OCC Consumer Protection News.