Cash Management Solutions

At Tompkins VIST Bank we are your partner for all your financial needs.  As a valued business customer, you can depend on us to match your needs with the products and services that can best help you reach your business goals.  Our cash management solutions are designed to help you learn more about how Tompkins VIST Bank can help you save your time and money while providing increased peace of mind.

View our Cash Management Solutions by clicking on the links below.  For more information contact your local branch or Bob Massino at 610-603-7269.

Internet Banking 
A way for businesses to manage their bank accounts from anywhere.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) 
Enables businesses to send or collect funds electronically through our Internet Banking Platform.

Wire Transfers (Domestic & Foreign) 
For businesses that often need to quickly and efficiently wire funds. Through Internet Banking, funds can be sent in US dollars or most foreign currencies.

Remote Deposit 
A fast and convenient time saver solution for businesses: Remote Deposit enables businesses to make check deposits to their accounts from their home or office.

Escrow Management 
Simplify accounting and decrease paperwork associated with escrow administration.

Businesses that receive a large volume of payments by check on a regular basis can save time and money by using this service.  We receive and process the funds, depositing them to your account the day they are received.

Positive Pay 
Minimize your exposure to check fraud with this service that allows you to compare your check issue information to your paid check information and alert you of any discrepancies.

Debit MasterCards and VISA Credit Cards 
Choose the right way to manage funds: debit, credit or both.  Debit cards offer convenience and simplicity of record keeping. Credit cards offer the option to pay now or pay later.  A variety of credit cards are available to meet your needs.

Merchant Services 
Tompkins VIST Bank has partnered with Elavon to deliver the industry's leading merchant processing solutions.